03 August 2022

Technology center at the Baltic seaside – Digital Care Camp 2022

Digital Care Camp offers, among others, free technical check of devices and smartphones, free ‘SPA’ service for equipment, the...

13 June 2022

How to find the right mobile phone repair service?

Broken phone and what to do? How to find the right mobile phone repair service?   The screen is...

26 May 2022

How do we damage our phones? Leading causes of accidental smartphone damage according to users in Poland

Last year, Poles destroyed one phone every… two minutes. The largest phone repair services in Poland mostly dealt with...

20 May 2022

How do Poles use their smartphones?

According to the latest Smart Barometer 2022 research carried out by Digital Care in cooperation with a polling company...

10 May 2022

Refurbished phones conquer the market

The mobile devices industry continues to struggle with problems related to the availability of components for the production of...

10 May 2022

What is the role of smartphones in our lives? Different countries, different stories

Each of us uses a mobile phone at least several times a day. Interestingly, the way and style we...

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