10 May 2022

Mobile devices rental – what is it all about?

Smart shopping

In recent years, we have observed significant changes related to the consumer approach to purchasing. Due to the pandemic, we make most of our purchasing decisions at home, so we can spend more time choosing the most attractive offer. The Internet also gives us many options and the possibility of in-depth research of the product or service we are interested in.

The smart shopping trend also includes the latest trend, i.e. using instead of buying. Until recently, the only option to use a product was to pay its full price or buy it on hire purchase. However, more and more often we choose solutions based on the ‘use option’ only. It comes as no surprise as they have a number of benefits and are less harmful for the environment than traditional buying.  

We can also choose the ‘use not buy’ model for mobile devices such as phones, computers or tablets. Here, a rental option comes as an interesting and increasingly popular method of financing equipment, being a perfect solution for both our budget and the environment.


Advantages of renting mobile devices

1)     Availability of the latest models for the lowest monthly fee

It cannot be denied that rising prices, including those of electronics, are becoming harsh on our wallets. Premium smartphones and devices get more and more expensive and, at the same time, less accessible. Interest rates are also going up, increasing the cost of hire purchase. However, when choosing to rent a device, it is possible to use it in exchange for only 3% of its value per month – for example, the rental prices of the latest iPhone13 Pro models start from PLN 129 per month. In this way, we use the phone paying no more than 80% of its value.


2)     Possibility to replace the device with a newer model after 12 months

As part of the rental, you are guaranteed access to the latest models of your favorite smartphone brands during the term of the contract. After 12 months, you can replace your phone with a newer type and be up to date with the latest technological trends!


3)     Benefits for the environment

By renting phones or other electronic devices you can give them a second life, reducing the amount of harmful electro-waste. You sign a rental contract for two years and after this period you return the device without having to worry about any formalities. The equipment is then professionally cleaned of all data and renewed as needed. Prepared in this way, it returns to the market, in the hands of a new user, gaining a second life. The lifetime of the device is thus prolonged and the carbon footprint associated with the production of smartphones decreases.


4)     Device safety and protection

The device you choose can additionally be embraced by a repair service option at a favorable price, thanks to which you can enjoy your smartphone without the need to worry about the costs of a possible repair. The Digital Care offer, introduced in cooperation with iMad (an authorized seller and service of Apple devices), also includes a case and tempered glass screen protector as a gift for each rented phone.


5)     Apply without leaving home

Both rental and purchase transactions can be carried out smoothly without the need to leave home via our dedicated e-commerce platform. All formalities are reduced to a minimum, and it is enough to fill in an online application. In a matter of a few minutes your request is processed and you can order a courier who will deliver you the contract and your new telephone. Of course, you can also rent smartphones in a traditional way i.e. in one of the iMad stores in Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice, Poznań and Wrocław.

Solution for individual customers and companies

Rental is a solution for both business customers and individual users. Entrepreneurs value the rental option as it offers them a possibility to qualify part of the monthly fee as cost deductible, and return or replace devices after the end of the contract. In the case of individual customers, this solution lowers the ‘latest technologies world entry threshold’ for those who cannot afford a one-time purchase of a premium device.

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