13 June 2022

How to find the right mobile phone repair service?

Broken phone and what to do?

How to find the right mobile phone repair service?


The screen is the most frequently damaged part of our phones. On average, Poles destroy a phone every two minutes. What to do when this unpleasant situation happens to us? Finding a good mobile phone service is the most important thing. The right place for the repair work allows you to keep the phone warranty. And you can be sure your device is safe.

On average, only one in four Poles (approx. 26 percent) repairs their smartphone at an authorized repair service center – according to the 2019 Smart Barometer Kantar survey ordered by the Digital Care Group, every third – at a local service point, and 12 percent makes repairs themselves. At the same time, most consumers believed that it was important for  such a repair to take place at an authorized repair service center, which would allow them to keep the manufacturer’s warranty. Such a response was given by approx. 87 percent of respondents. So why should we repair our damaged phones only at authorized service points?


Under special supervision

Such places are certified by the phone manufactures. It means that repair works are carried out there in accordance with their guidelines. Authorized service centers use only original parts, which ensures correct operation of the equipment after repair. Sometimes a phone repaired somewhere else may look good, but at the same time have internal damage that will prevent it from working properly. Authorized service centers perform comprehensive repairs followed by a series of checks. In the final post-repair stage phones are undergo a number of tests carried out in an application dedicated to a given brand, to make sure the device works flawlessly.


Quality assured

A repair performed in a manufacturer-certified service point also gives a guarantee … of keeping the warranty! Damage resulting from everyday use is something completely different than factory defects, which, if discovered, the manufacturer undertakes to remove at its own expense. All repairs carried out at an authorized service center are reported and registered in the manufacturer’s system. This allows the technician to check the full repair history. The document from the previous repair action contains detailed information helpful in diagnosing the defect, but it can also prove that the detected defect was caused by the manufacturer’s fault. If we decide to go for an unauthorized repair in the first place, and later we choose the repair under the warranty, then the technician can discover this fact, thanks to, among others, the IMEI number. Every phone has it, and it contains information about a specific device, e.g. color of the factory/original casing. As a result, if we replace the casing at a service shop round the corner, then in the event of a factory defect, the authorized service point will make us pay for the repair of all components!


Be careful about your data!

A good service center will make sure that we are informed about the appropriate protection of your data. Before leaving your phone for repair, you should do a backup of the data stored in the device because most often the phone is restored to its factory settings during repair, and then you may lose contacts and photos. You must remove the SIM card and memory card and log out of your Apple and Google account and remove the sticker for quick payments.


Convenient repair

The best repair service centers for smartphones do not even require customers to leave the houses. The repair can be ordered by phone, and the equipment can be delivered via a courier, who will also provide us with a replacement smartphone for the duration of the repair. For example, you can conveniently use the offer of the authorized MTTC service, which will repair your phone  quickly and professionally.

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