26 May 2022

How do we damage our phones? Leading causes of accidental smartphone damage according to users in Poland

Last year, Poles destroyed one phone every… two minutes. The largest phone repair services in Poland mostly dealt with damaged phone screens, flooded devices or phones requiring battery replacement. Thousands of repair cases are reported each month to Digital Care. The summary shows that an accident may happen at the least expected moment…


A cat, a mop and sharp claws

Phones are often reported for repairing by pet owners – according to Digital Care statistics, pets are responsible for about 2% of all phone damage cases. What are these cases like? Most often, animals cause smartphones to fall into buckets of water or off the table. Such situations often occur when cleaning the apartment. Phones may also suffer from cat scratches.


While working, playing or shopping … we drop the phones on the ground

Phones are also destroyed in workplace accidents. There have been reports that the device  fell from a great height while the user was carrying out construction works. Some of the reports concerned  phones… run over by cars. Doing shopping may also lead to smartphone damage. One client reported that in a supermarket she had fallen on the ground right down on her purse where she had kept her phone. Almost 20% of all damage was caused by the phone slipping out of a purse, backpack or pocket, so it is worth considering how and where we hide the phone when leaving home.


There’s no place like…. home

However, the statistics are inexorable – up to 45% of damage cases occurs at home and up to 15% at work. Often the reason of accidental damage is a simple carelessness – a phone put on the cupboard or table edge falls off on the floor, an overturned glass of water or other drink floods the device… In 7% of cases children are reported to cause the damage. And although nearly 70% of the phones are protected by glass, foil or a case, 50% of respondents declare that it has happened to them to damage the phone.


Accidents during exotic holidays

Travel agencies encourage their clients to buy additional insurance when traveling abroad. It covers the cost of treatment, for example in case the client breaks this or her leg. However, we tend not to think about the accidents that happen to our equipment – especially phones. It turns out that during the holidays, smartphones often get flooded or broken, so ensuring their protection is a thing to consider. Purchasing additional protection package may guarantee the free of charge device repair, and in some cases – even the equipment’s replacement with a new model. It is worth comparing various protection options and choosing the one that will secure your smartphone to the fullest extent possible. In most cases, protection options also cover phone damage that occurs abroad.


Protection against high repair costs

Depending on the operator’s offer, the monthly cost of smartphone protection ranges from a few to a dozen or so zlotys. In 2022 smartphone repairs cost from several hundred to even 8 thousand zlotys. So why don’t you protect your phone just in case – so that you can … walk, shop, go on vacation and have fun?



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