4 things you should remember while choosing your mobile phone insurance

According to a report prepared by Gfk, the region of Central and Eastern Europe is the fastest growing in terms of both quantity as well as value of purchased phones. The average mobile phone value in our region increased by approximately 110 PLN in 2017. With the increase of the smartphones’ value, interest in the purchase of dedicated insurance is also growing. Digital Care, the largest provider of mobile protection products on the Polish market, advises on what to look for while choosing that kind of insurance.

For over half of Poles, the mobile phone is the first thing they turn to right after waking up as well as main communication tool without that they cannot imagine everyday life. Appropriate insurance purchased with the device at the mobile network allows to avoid unnecessary costs of smartphone’s repair for just a few zlotys per month. And those can range from a few hundred to even over 2,000 PLN. What to look for while choosing such an insurance?

First of all, check the insurance sum
The end of the year 2017 abounded in important launches of new premium mobile devices. Models like iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 appeared on the Polish market. Cost of screen exchange in those devices in authorized service can reach even 1500 PLN (and only repair in authorized service point allows to maintain the producer’s warranty). There are few insurance options you can choose – check each one, its scope and conditions to be sure that it matches your needs and expectations. If you own a premium mobile phone, always choose the highest insurance sum, which can cover the costs up to the device value. In case that costs of repair and spare parts exceed the insurance sum, you will pay the difference.

Check, which parts are covered by the insurance
According to Digital Care, nearly 80% of phone damages relate to the screen and luckily this element is included in all mobile insurances available on the Polish market. However, if you would like to protect other parts of the device, read carefully terms and conditions, as some of them cover only the screen. Of course, if other parts get damaged you can repair them with additional fee.

Pay attention to the policy excess – check the definition of accidental damage
Mobile phone insurance, like any other insurance, works under certain circumstances, which are described in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance. The basic event covered by the insurance is so-called accidental damage, which means damage caused by external factors (please note that dropping the phone or throwing it from the table is not accidental damage, because it depends on the insured). Insurance policies from mobile providers often include water damage as well (rarely other liquids). Accidental damage and flooding are the two most common causes of smartphone damage.

Check the scope of additional services
All insurance offered by Polish mobile providers guarantee a number of additional services. Without a doubt the most convenient of them is a door-to-door service, which ensures you that a courier picks up your damaged phone and delivers the repaired device to the indicated location. As part of the mobile insurance, insurers often offer replacement devices (for the time of the repair or in case of prolonged repair due to lack of parts), so you can stay in contact.

Digital Care is the largest provider of mobile device protection services on the Polish market, operating since 2012. The company works with mobile network providers, mobile device producers and their distributors. Currently, the company operates in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Italy and Croatia, and serves over 2.5 million customers globally.

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