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Digital Care offers mobile device protection plans for SIM-Only Customers

5 August 2019

SIM-Only (SIMO) deals are fast becoming one of the most popular options for customers looking to sign a new telecom contract or renewing existing mobile plans. To give an example, over half of all mobile contracts in the UK will be SIM-Only by 2021. This trend has consequently resulted in a large decline in device […]

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Holidays by the water – will your phone survive?

30 July 2019

Pictures from a holiday by the sea or a lake are great souvenirs. We do not need professional cameras with convertible lenses to do this anymore. Smartphones manufacturers are constantly encouraging customers to replace them with a newer model, tempting more and more advanced cameras. Is the adventure by the water safe for our smartphone?

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Heat wave dangerous for smartphones

27 June 2019

Extreme temperatures affect not only people and animals. Electronic devices, especially mobile phones that accompany us throughout the day, are also exposed to potential serious damages.

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The smartphone for a child on holidays – what to keep in mind?

18 June 2019

Regardless of whether the child already has a smartphone or will receive it just on holidays, it is worth paying attention to few things that will help us avoid any hassles and unnecessary expenses

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