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Heat wave dangerous for smartphones

27 June 2019

Extreme temperatures affect not only people and animals. Electronic devices, especially mobile phones that accompany us throughout the day, are also exposed to potential serious damages.

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The smartphone for a child on holidays – what to keep in mind?

18 June 2019

Regardless of whether the child already has a smartphone or will receive it just on holidays, it is worth paying attention to few things that will help us avoid any hassles and unnecessary expenses

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The time of holidays fosters the Poles’ carelessness – as many as 6,000 smartphones have not survived the long May weekend

20 May 2019

According to Digital Care’s statistics, the number of smartphones damaged during this year’s long May weekend was over 30% higher than in the other weeks of this year. Over 90% of reported claims concerned display damages. The most expensive repair cost over PLN 3,500.

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4 things you should remember while choosing your mobile phone insurance

27 February 2018

According to a report prepared by Gfk, the region of Central and Eastern Europe is the fastest growing in terms of both quantity as well as value of purchased phones. Digital Care advises on what to look for while choosing that kind of insurance.

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