Beeline offers its subscribers new service for diagnostic and repair of used mobile phones

PJSC VimpelCom (brand – Beeline) in cooperation with Digital Care Russia announces a pilot launch of the unique service called Service +. This service provides additional protection for used smartphones to Beeline subscribers.

Service + includes:

• diagnostic of the phone allowing to check the technical condition of the phone and its individual elements, including the display, speaker, microphone, camera, as well as the charging level of the battery and the internal memory storage space left;

• mobile phone delivery to the service center and back to the owner;

• repair of the phone in case of damage to the display, as well as other items, including the case, buttons, front and rear camera as well as damages caused by water.

Within the first stage of the pilot, the service is launched in two mono-brand Beeline stores in Rostov-on-Don, and at the second stage consists of placing additional Scanboxes in Krasnodar, Sochi, Pyatigorsk and Stavropol.

The service can be used by any Beeline subscriber with a used mobile phone (not older than three years from the date of purchase) of popular models of any price category that does not have any damage at the moment of purchasing the service.

Preliminary diagnosis of the device is free of charge on Scanboxes placed in the Beeline stores. During the check, the SN number of the device is determined, what makes it impossible to replace the device with another device of a similar model.

In addition, users of Service + have the opportunity to contact without restrictions the technical support line to report damage, obtain information on the status of repairs or any additional information about the service. Technical support is available on weekdays from 8.00 to 18.00.

The monthly cost of the service is 250 rubles, including VAT, and is debited from the mobile phone account of the subscriber.

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