Digital Care introduces Scanbox, the first device for selling insurance and services for used mobile phones

Digital Care, the largest provider of products related to the protection of mobile devices on the Polish market, has introduced the Scanbox device to its offer. Scanbox comprehensively diagnoses the display status, and enables sale of insurance and services for used telephones. In the coming weeks, Digital Care will introduce a similar mobile solution, enabling remote insurance of used smartphones.

Scanbox operates in an intuitive way and allows you to close the insurance or service purchase process in few steps. In the first step, you plug in the phone and insert it into Scanbox. The device scans the phone for any damage. If the phone successfully passes the diagnostic test, phone’s protection purchase panel appears. In the last step, it is enough to enter the necessary data and make a payment to secure the device.

“Scanbox is a unique solution on a global scale. The device concept was created as a result of numerous inquiries, primarily from foreign Digital Care customers. On many markets there is a large number of smartphones not purchased from the operator or used. Until now there were no commercial technological solutions that would enable diagnosing the condition of the used telephone and then covering it with protection. Scanbox is the first device of this type, thanks to which the customer will be able to purchase protection for the used device at any point of sale – in the operator’s salon, shopping center or store. “- said Inga Zdzińska, Head of DC LAB, Digital Care unit responsible for creating the device.

Scanbox has already passed the testing phase in Poland and Russia. The first Scanboxes have been operating in Russia for a few weeks in the stores of one of the largest mobile operators in this country. In the spring, another 30 devices will be launched there. Digital Care also finishes work on a similar solution in the mobile version, which will enable remote insurance of the used smartphone.

“We have already recorded the first policies sold and we are constantly working on optimizing the sales process and marketing activities supporting sales. There is a lot of interest, because on the Russian market many customers decide to buy a smartphone and then buy telecommunications services separately. Thanks to Scanbox, operators will be able to offer customers insurance for this type of used devices” said Alexander Wistuba, President of the Board of Digital Care.

Digital Care is the largest provider of mobile device protection services on the Polish market, operating since 2012. The company cooperates with mobile networks, mobile device manufacturers and their distributors. Currently, the company operates in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Italy and Croatia, and serves over 2.5 million customers globally.

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