Digital Care recommends authorized service points

What are authorized service points and how do they work? What are the benefits for customers deciding to repair their devices at an authorized service point? How does Digital Care select cooperating partners? Piotr Wójcik, Head of Technical Claims Handling at Digital Care, explains the details. What are authorized service points and what makes them different from unauthorized ones? 
Authorized service points are certified by manufacturers, so they carry out repairs in accordance with their guidelines, using only original spare parts. This significantly affects the durability and lifetime of a serviced device. Our experience shows that often not all problems with the device are detectable after a visual inspection. The equipment may look good and at the same time be damaged inside that prevents it from functioning properly. That is why authorized service points perform comprehensive repairs – any detected damage is repaired. Thanks to this, the equipment that is returned to the customer is 100% operational. To ensure the highest service quality, Digital Care cooperates only with professional service providers with relevant authorsation.

What else do customers gain by using services of an authorized service point? 
After repair at an authorized service point, the customers retain the manufacturer’s guarantee for their devices. In the event of a future failure, they may use the repair under guarantee or the rights resulting from the warranty of the seller.

If the customer wants to have a repair under guarantee, how do you know that the previous repair was carried out at an authorized service point? Is an official document required? 
All repairs carried out at an authorized service point are reported in the manufacturer’s system. This allows the technician to check the full repair history. The previous repair document contains detailed information to help diagnose the defect.

What does the repair in an authorized service point look like? 
Repairs are carried out with the help of a manufacturer’s manual that guides the technician through the entire process: from diagnosis through replacement of defective components to quality testing. The first step is an expert inspection. The service technician carefully checks what happened to the device. Using the system tools provided by the manufacturer, the technician performs the device diagnosis process. It can be determined in this way which module is not working properly.
The next step is a valuation – the value of such a repair is estimated. Having checked if the repair of all the damage falls within the scope and limit of the contract, the service technician starts the repair. The last step in repairing the device is a series of tests carried out in an application dedicated to a given brand, which allows you to make sure that the device works flawlessly.

How do manufacturers verify the quality of services provided by authorized service points? 
These services are under the ongoing supervision of the manufacturer, our quality control department and the technical department. The conditions under which repairs take place at authorized service points are strictly defined and are subject to frequent audits. The equipment and original parts used to repair the devices come exclusively from the manufacturer’s authorized distribution channels and are subject to periodic technical inspections and calibrations.

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