Euronics launches new product:
smartphone repair service

From today, Euronics customers – one of the largest Finnish chains of electronics and household appliances – can carelessly use smartphones that they buy stationary or online. All that is a result of cooperation of Euronics and Digital Care, thanks to that the offer of the Finnish retailer was extended to service of Euronics Puhelinturva. The service provides phone repair in case of damage and is available in two variants – basic and extended one.

The new service was created for customers who buy a new smartphone – both stationary in the Euronics Store and soon online. The service is available in two variants – with a narrow or wide package of benefits. In scope of Euronics Puhelinturva, smartphone users can repair the display if it is damaged. Euronics Puhelinturva Plus protects the display as well as other elements such as casing, camera, and buttons if they have been damaged together with the screen. Euronics Puhelinturva Plus variant also includes repairs in the event of flooding (with water and other drinks except alcohol). Both options provide 12 months of protection, door-to-door service (collection of the damaged and return of the repaired device to selected address), repair time of 9 working days and the repair process at the authorized services with keeping the manufacturer’s warranty. A big plus of the service is a quick and convenient way to report a claim – you can do it not only through the hotline, but also online. Digital Care has provided Euronics’ customers with an intuitive customer portal, thanks to which reporting a claim will take only 3 minutes and is possible 24/7.

Euronics customers who purchase one of both variants of the service will also receive access to the Euronics Puhelinturva Mobile Application that allows diagnosing and optimizing of the smartphone. The application gives the opportunity to check whether elements such as touch screen, microphone, cameras, flash, and speaker work properly.

– Euronics Puhelinturva service was created from the needs of our clients. Almost 80% of smartphone damage is related to the display. We were seeking for the solution for that and found it – says Paula Kahila, Marketing Specialist at Euronics Finland. – Together with Digital Care, we have created a service that allows smartphone users to quickly repair the device in authorized service centres, save money and keep the manufacturer’s warranty. What more, all formalities in the event of damage, can be conveniently and quickly arranged online.

The service is available for sale from June 26th, 2020 in stationary stores, later also in the online channel at The cost of the service depends on the chosen variant of protection and the initial price of the smartphone and ranges from 49 € to 149 €.

Euronics is Finnish retailer, delivering a tailored domestic market approach supported by international expertise and cooperation with the leading global electronic brands. Digital Care – a Polish company providing innovative solutions in the field of mobile devices, protection, and technologies – serving 3.8 million customers across Europe.

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