Heat wave dangerous for smartphones

Extreme temperatures affect not only people and animals. Electronic devices, especially mobile phones that accompany us throughout the day, are also exposed to potential serious damages.

High temperatures have been the bane of Poles for several weeks. The second step, in a three-point scale of danger in relation to prevailing heat means that they pose a risk to health and life. However, being in the sun can be disastrous not only for people and animals, but also for electronic devices.

Extreme temperatures can have a big impact on the phone’s internal components. Exposure to high temperatures may affect the operating speed of the device. Overheating can also lead to data loss. In extreme cases, the battery may even explode or leak, potentially posing a threat to the user’s safety – says Tomasz Wilewski, Innovation Director at Digital Care.

The cost of repairing a phone damaged by high temperature can be very high. So let’s get acquainted with a few rules that can protect us from such situations.

Turn the energy down

Turning on the energy saving mode or reducing the brightness of the phone’s screen will reduce energy consumption – Digital Care expert says. It is worth to turn off the most energy-consuming applications or resign from video streaming. High temperatures require the phone processor to work with increased effort anyway, so try not to overload it.

Give him a break

Let your smartphone have a bit of freedom: free it from additional external elements: case, covers, overlays. Subsequent layers only increase the risk of overheating. If you are worried about what will happen to your phone when it is completely “naked” you can look for special cases that are installed only on the edges of the screen.

Deadly pocket

During high temperatures, it is also worth saying goodbye to the most convenient way to carry your phone – your pocket. The temperature there is always higher due to the heat of our body. In a critical situation, the battery may get overheated and damaged.

Phone safety

Do not leave your phone in full sun. A table in the garden, a blanket on the beach at noon or the interior of the car can be deadly for the phone. A car parked in the sun, where the air temperature is 35 degrees Celsius, can reach a temperature of over 50 degrees in just an hour. Using the navigation on the smartphone, especially when attached to the windshield of the car, also exposes the device to possible damage. Constant work, high demand for energy and the sun passing through the window are a combination of unfavourable factors. Greenhouses are a great place to grow tomatoes, but your apple probably will not appreciate it.

Cool it gently

What to do when the smartphone, however, overheats? Appropriate cooling of the device is crucial for maintaining its optimal condition – Tomasz Wilewski says. First of all, such a phone should not be charged, it will only increase the temperature of the battery. It’s best to turn it off and put it in a shady and cool place.

A sudden phone cooling using cold compresses or a fridge? I totally advise against. The phone will cool itself: it only needs to be provided with the right conditions: a sudden change in temperature is not a good idea – Wilewski emphasizes.
Of course, the best advice is to limit the use of the device. Such detox can be useful for both smartphone and our vacation rest.

It is also worth carrying out a phone diagnosis with a specially prepared Digital Care Lab application. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store in Poland. The diagnosis includes battery, memory and processor status, as well as microphone, loudspeaker or cameras.

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