How does Digital Care protect the data of customers?

How does Digital Care protect clients’ data, why deleting photos or contacts from the phone is necessary in the repair process, and how to protect our data during everyday use of mobile devices? These and other questions are answered by Adriana Sokólska, Data Protection Officer at Digital Care. 

How does Digital Care protect the data of customers who hand over their devices for repair? At Digital Care, we repair even 21,000 phones a month. Each of us stores various data on our phones: contacts, e-mails, photos or notes. We know how important it is for this information to remain secure. The security of customer data is our priority and we take the protection of your privacy very seriously. Our employees are trained in the personal data protection and they maintain the highest standards in this regard. The buildings where devices or personal data of our customers are physically kept are subject to advanced access control, 24/7 security supervision and video monitoring. IT systems in which we process personal data are protected by technological security solutions. At every stage of designing our services and processes, we take privacy issues into account. We strive to improve our processes to ensure the highest possible level of protection of our customers’ data and devices.

Is this why it is necessary to delete data from the device in the repair process? Is it not possible to leave, for example, photos, contacts or text messages on the device at the customer’s request?
To protect the privacy of our customers, we limit potential access to customer data as much as possible. For this reason, all devices that go to the service are restored to factory settings, and thus the data is automatically deleted.
That is why we request our customers to back up their data before handing their devices over for repair. This makes it possible to restore all previously stored photos, contacts and messages.
In case of any questions or problems with copying or deleting data from the device, we always encourage our customers to contact our customer service team. We advise on how to properly backup the data before handing the device over to repair. We always try to help and find the best solution.

How is data deleted from the device?
We usually delete data by bringing back default settings i.e. doing a factory reset. If this is not possible, we use the manufacturer’s software, which allows us to delete the information before the device is sent for repair.

How to prepare the device for handing over to the courier to be sure that our data will be safe?
Before shipping the device, you should back up the data, and then delete it from the device. It is worth making sure that there are no additional accessories or data carriers – such as a SIM card or SD memory card – in the device or in the box when it is delivered. It is also worth checking if there are no PayPass stickers on the phone or if you have not left our documents or a payment card in the phone case.

What to do when the phone or other device is not turning on and we cannot backup the data?
We recommend our customers to make regular backups so that they can recover data from the device in the event of a failure. In situations where this is not possible, and the deletion of data from the device would result in additional difficulties, please contact our customer service team. We approach each case individually and try to find a satisfactory solution.

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