Nearly 70,000 smartphones did not survive the holidays

Digital Care, the largest provider of mobile device protection programs in Poland, summed up the summer holiday period. In total, from June till the end of September, the company commissioned over 69,000 repairs which means that one smartphone was damaged every minute.

Smartphone is an indispensable element of our life, which becomes particularly important during the holidays. We use it to take photos, check directions, and more and more often to keep documents such as a COVID certificate. It is clear that smartphones have become our key tool for keeping the most precious things, so its protection is crucial. And although according to Digital Care data, 96% of Poles protect their smartphones against damage (foil / glass or case), still almost half of the respondents declare that their smartphone has been damaged or flooded. Hence, protection products that guarantee the coverage of repair costs are becoming more and more popular among Poles.

During the holidays, mobile devices are particularly exposed to damage – in the period from the end of June till the end of August, Digital Care commissioned the repair of nearly 70,000 damaged phones. The average monthly number of repairs in this period was over 20% higher than in the remaining months of the year. Most damages were display damages, which accounted for about 80% of all repairs, and over 10% of them were related to flooding the phone.

The most expensive repair carried out during the holidays was the repair of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, for a total amount of 4,600 PLN, where the cost of the display itself was over 2,500 PLN.

Smartphones accompany us every day, in almost every situation, supports us at school, in business, everyday life – this is why we buy more advanced and more expensive models. Thanks to the purchased phone protection, customers do not have to incur very high repair costs. The percentage of customers who are more aware and choose wider scopes of protection in the premium variant, that fully protect the phone, is growing. Thanks to this, not only the display itself is protected against damage, but also other elements of the phone are covered, and the phone is also protected in the event of flooding. – says Maciej Ryszard Sierakowski, Key Account Director from Digital Care.

The biggest number of repairs were carried in Warsaw, followed by Wrocław, Łódź, Kraków and Gdańsk.

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