Plus introduces protection services for business clients in cooperation with Digital Care

Plus mobile network introduced two services dedicated to business customers – “Device Service for Business” and “Display Service for Business”. They are available both for customers who decide to buy new devices along with telecommunications services in the Plus network, as well as the device alone.

According to a research carried out by SW Research for Huawei, as many as 97% of business owners in Poland work on Saturdays and Sundays. Employees of both, small businesses and large corporations are more and more willing to reach for mobile devices that enable them to work from outside the office, and it is crucial for them to maintain the reliability and continuity of these devices. Precisely with their needs in mind, Plus in cooperation with Digital Care has introduced new services to the offer, guaranteeing fast repair of key devices for the company.

Services are available in two variations: “Display Service for Business” and “Device Service for Business”. The first one guarantees protection of the display itself in telephones, smartphones, tablets and laptops purchased in the Plus network, and its cost is PLN 4.06 net a month. The “Device for Business” variant is more extensive and includes not only repair of the display itself, but also the case, camera and buttons, as well as repair in the event of flooding the device with water. It is available for phones, smartphones and tablets and its cost is PLN 7.99 net monthly. In this variant, Plus’s business customers are also guaranteed with a free replacement device for the duration of the repair.

Digital Care guarantees repair of the device in both variants, regardless of the reasons for the damage and without the need to pay own contribution. Within the country, the transport of the device for the repair is free of charge and is organized door-to-door, i.e. directly from and to the place indicated by the owner of the device. The service includes one repair for 12 months and is carried out to the purchase value of the device.

Digital Care also provides Plus network customers with access to technical helpline, client portal that allows online damage reporting 24 hours a day, as well as a dedicated SmartSkaner+ app, which allows verification of the technical condition of the device.

“When creating the new offer in the first place we thought about providing the most effective service for devices purchased by our business clients. Therefore, in contrast to the insurance products offered on the market, our protection services for business clients guarantee the repair of the device regardless of the circumstances in which the damage occurred. Our service is also distinguished by the lack of quota limits and the lack of customer’s own contribution to repair costs. We also know how important it is for our business clients to be able to keep in touch. That’s why we offer a replacement device for the duration of the repair. “- said Jacek Trujnara, Product Manager in the Business Support Department at Plus.

“We are very happy that Plus once again decided to use our vast experience in creating service products for mobile devices. We are convinced that this product will meet the expectations of entrepreneurs and they will be able to freely use their basic work tools, such as mobile devices. “- added Aneta Żelazny, Chief Product Manager at Digital Care.

Digital Care is the largest provider of mobile device protection services on the Polish market, operating since 2012.It works with telecoms, mobile device manufacturers and their distributors. Currently, the company operates in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Italy and Croatia and has over 2 million customers worldwide.

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