Spending less money and replacing more often – Poles and their smartphones

Digital Care has presented the results of the ‘Smart Barometer – Poles and their Smartphones’ survey concerning smartphone use in Poland. The survey has revealed that we now often have more than one smartphone and as many as several mobile devices lying around in drawers. The most common form of phone damage is still a cracked screen, and most smartphone accidents occur… at home.

In order to determine current needs, Digital Care, the largest supplier of support services to smartphone users in the Polish market, commissioned the Smart Barometer survey from Kantar. The survey unveiled how Poles use their smartphones and their hardware experiences and expectations. The online survey was conducted in a representative group of 1,002 persons aged 18-60 years.

The mobile device market is very big in our country with over 6.75 million being sold in the first three quarters of last year . How do Poles use them? The survey revealed that almost 80% of people have a smartphone in Poland, with almost one third of smartphone user using at least two such devices on a daily basis. Poles are also more and more abreast of the times and most of them keep hold of them for no longer than 2 years (4/5 of respondents). Interestingly, the average Pole has 2 unused phones stashed away in a drawer, mainly as a spare or for no particular reason at all. Almost 2/3 of respondents (62%) have as many as 3 smartphones (currently used and spares lying around).

Poles are increasingly replacing their old smartphones and willing to pay more for them. Interestingly, if they are damaged, they end up in a drawer. This is because now even a minor fault may require several components to be replaced and, without phone insurance, this may turn out to be very costly, sometimes exceeding half of the price of a new device. By way of example, the most expensive repair order completed by Digital Care in 2019 came to 3503.42 zloty and concerned the Samsung Note 9 Dual SIM,’ said Andrzej Pasek, Board Member at Digital Care.

The survey also reveals how Poles secure their smartphones in the event of damage. It turns out that today, very few people actually don’t have insurance cover (only 4% stated that they do nothing in this respect). Despite this, almost half of users have had accidents that have led to smartphone damage.

And, funnily enough, most accidents that we personally have and those involving our smartphones happen at home (45%). The most common accident is the phone slipping out of our hand and water damage, be it by spilling water over it or dropping it in water. Because of the high costs of repair of damaged phones, less than half of the respondents decided to get them repaired.

Rising phone prices of latest models, high repair costs, and susceptibility to damage due to the manner in which they are being used are decisive when it comes to the growing popularity of insurance cover plans. These smartphone insurance cover plans are available through telecoms operators, among others, and are designed to provide cover for unexpected costs of repair when the damages are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty like water damage or a cracked display. The fact that Digital Care carried out over 306,000 manufacturer authorised repairs over the last year is best proof of the fast-growing demand for these services. The company has also shared other interesting data concerning last year. The months when most phone damage repairs were submitted were July and August. It turns out that the holiday season is when our smartphones are at most risk of damage. Digital Care recorded as many as 1,000 repairs per day over this period alone. This is much more than the year earlier, when the number of submitted repairs did not exceed 800 devices per day. However, the most common cause of reported damage was, consistently, mechanical damage of the display. The fact that most damage is reported in Warsaw also remains unchanged.

1The Smart Barometer online survey carried out in August 2019 encompassed a group
of 1,002 respondents aged 18-60 years.
2The data on smartphone sales in Poland in Q1, Q2, and Q3 2019 was obtained
from the IDC Research Institute.

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