The smartphone for a child on holidays – what to keep in mind?

A child’s alone holiday trip is a stressful moment not only for a child itself but most of all for the parents*. For most of the parents providing a child with a mobile phone it is a natural solution. Regardless of whether the child already has a smartphone or will receive it just on holidays, it is worth paying attention to few things that will help us avoid any hassles and unnecessary expenses.

According to the KOMET@ digital education networks report, 80% of Polish kids aged 7-14 owes an smartphone. Children usually get their first phone at the age of 7-8. Before giving a child a mobile phone, we should prepare the youngster for it and the rules of use should be set. Taking care of your wallet, it is also worth to properly protect the device itself.

Safely in the Internet
Parents can take advantage of the solutions prepared by the creators of Android, iOS and Microsoft operating systems to make sure that children will not have access to inappropriate content. Each of them offers parental control software. Thanks to this, the parent can remotely limit the child’s time of using the device, block unwanted content or allow new applications installed on the phone. It is worth remembering that apart of IT tools, conversation with the child and the explanation of benefits and threats of the digital world is the basis. The control software is just a parent’s helper.

Holiday dangers
Holiday activities, regardless of their form, are a huge challenge for electronic devices, especially when the child is the user. An unfettered fantasy, the desire to impress their mates, and sometimes recklessness provoke accidental damage and may expose parents to high, unplanned costs. According to Digital Care, a company specializing in the protection of mobile devices, nearly 90% of all phone repair cases are related to screen damage. The remaining 10% is damage of other parts of the phone, i.e. chassis, camera, and flooding or sinkage of the device. Removal of such damages can exceed the half the cost of a new phone and significantly impair the holiday budget.

We have been observing an increase in the number of claims during the summer holidays for many years. Trips, outdoor games foster the situations that are tragic for many smartphones. Often accidental elbowing, when we take a selfie, ends with the fall of the phone to the ground and a broken screen. To save ourselves trouble, it is worth investing in the phone protection which help us avoid the high costs of its repair – says Anna Kozłowska-Pietraszko, Head of Marketing, Digital Care.

If we decide to buy a new device, it is worth to take care of its security and protection. Choosing the right chassis or glass that protects the screen is a relatively small expense, and can protect the phone against scratches and minor damage. There are also so-called “armoured casings” protecting against serious damage.

No foil or chassis, however, will protect the device for 100%. The purchase of a service or insurance for a smartphone is worth considering. The risk of damage the device by children is so high that even a few years ago events involving the youngest were often excluded from the scope of insurance. Fortunately today, telecom operators offer the necessary protection even from damage done by children when buying a telephone. The monthly cost of mobile device protection bought through the operator starts from few zlotys per month, which in comparison with the potential cost of repairing the device is a small expense. It is worth remembering when giving the phone to the child as well as choosing a new smartphone model for yourself. A small monthly cost of protection will provide calm parents’ calm, and children’s freedom to use the device regardless of the circumstances.

*KOMET@ digital education networks report

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