The time of holidays fosters the Poles’ carelessness – as many as 6,000 smartphones have not survived the long May weekend

According to Digital Care’s statistics, the number of smartphones damaged during this year’s long May weekend was over 30% higher than in the other weeks of this year. Over 90% of reported claims concerned display damages. The most expensive repair cost over PLN 3,500.

The long May weekend is traditionally a time of trips and spending moments with family. In such situations, Poles are eager to use smartphones, but at the same time they are exposed to a greater risk of damage. After the long May weekend, over 6,000 claims were reported to Digital Care. This is on average 30% more compared to the other weeks of this year. Over 90% of all cases concerned the screen damage, while the remaining 10% was not related to the screen, i.e. chassis or camera, as well as phone flooding or sinkage. Thus, the most frequent service was the repair of the display or other elements of the smartphone, while in the case of phone flooding or sinkage, customers received new devices.

The leader in the most expensive repair category of the was the Huawei Mate20 Pro, in which, among others, display with chassis and motherboard were exchanged. The entire repair cost over PLN 3,500. The second place belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, where the total cost of similar range repair counted to over PLN 2,700. However, the record holder was IPhone XS – the flooded display could not been repaired, and the owner received a new device worth over PLN 5,000.

Above data show that smartphone damage often means a high expenses, therefore it is worth remembering to protect the device. All the more for each of these clients, the annual cost of such protection did not exceed PLN 250. When choosing protection, one cannot forget to acquaint thoroughly with the scope of the offer, in particular in the case of the most expensive devices. Then it is best to choose a product that comprises not only the display, and the cost of repair is covered to the full value of the device or has a high limit. This allow to avoid additional charges for such a service.

We support over 3.6 million customers in Digital Care. For many years, we have been observing an increase in the number of applications during the holiday periods – such as a long May weekend or vacation. Therefore, the products that we offer in cooperation with our partners guarantee the repair of the telephone regardless whether the damage occurred in the country or abroad – said Andrzej Pasek, Digital Care Board Member, in charge of Operation Department. Importantly, all repairs are carried out by professional services authorized by leading manufacturers. This allows to provide the proper quality of service, as well as keep the manufacturer’s warranty after repair – he adds.

The insurance of electronic device, including the telephone display, is gaining popularity in our country. The monthly cost of mobile device protection starts from a few zlotys per month in telecom operator, which compared with the potential cost of repair is a small expense. The more so, according to Business Insider data, it takes an average of only 10 weeks from the purchase of a smartphone, to the moment of its first damage.

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