Thinking about buying the new iPhone? Consider protecting it!

Over the past 5 years prices of the most expensive iPhone models increased by nearly 100%, reaching over PLN 7,000. Together with the increase in device prices, cost of its repair went up as well – currently the cost of screen exchange in iPhone Xs Max is about PLN 1,700. We should know the repair costs of the latest model soon but if you are thinking about buying iPhone XI you should definitely start thinking how to protect it.

After the premiere of the iPhone XI we know for sure that once again the prices have increased. During the year the biggest changes can be seen in the repair costs of the display which, according to the Digital Care data, constitute 80% of all smartphones damages. How to protect yourself against unforeseen costs related to the broken screen?

Safe display with SafeScreen and SafeScreen+

SafeScreen and SafeScreen+ services are available for all customers who own iPhone 7 model upwards. The customers just need to visit one of iMad stores and the purchase of the service will be possible after checking the condition of the device. The service ensures protection of the phone for 12 months. The cost starts from PLN 16 per month and guarantees the customer accordingly PLN 1000 (SafeScreen) and PLN 1500 (SafeScreen+) for the exchange of the display. Additionally customer gain access to diagnostic app and technical helpline. This investment should fast pay off, because according to the Digital Care data, just during holidays months customers damage their phones every minute on average!

Protection without cost limits

In turn, when buying the new iPhone from your mobile operator, for just a dozen zlotys per month customers can have the possibility to protect their phones in case of any damage, not limiting it to the screen. Operators offer products where once a year the customer can repair the device without any limits. With equipment worth PLN 8,000 it is a cost that could really pay off. It is also worth stressing, that in such products offered by mobile operators all repairs are executed by authorized services, which means the customer will not lose producer’s warranty.

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