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Mobile phone lease – innovative financing of the latest technology


Phone rental can be a great option for both individual and business customers, providing them with flexible, low-cost access to the best smartphones on the market today. Here at Digital Care, we offer a convenient rental program making a wide selection of iPhone and Samsung models available to our customers. Rental a phone is a simple process that enables customers to start using smartphones right away. Need more arguments? Rental follows the sustainable growth concept; by using technology rather than buying it you make your contribution to a circular economy.

Rental Program – key features

Rental Program is a service that allows for using Premium Smartphones at affordable monthly payments, even more, competitive than 0% ownership installments.

Premium Smartphones

Premium Smartphones

Hi-end Apple and Samsung devices.

One-visit sales process

One-visit sales process

The customer signs the rental contract and gets their new smartphone right away – everything during one visit.

Flexible contract

Flexible contract

It is the customer who decides what to do with the smartphone after the rental period – exchange the phone to the newer model, buy it, return it, or continue the rental service.

Top-class solution – Digital Care’s Rental Program:

  • Increases smartphone SALES VOLUMES
    Offers attractive financing of high-end devices – monthly rental fees even 20% lower than 0% ownership instalments.
  • Responds well to the current CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS
    Allows for the use of a device without incurring the entire cost of it, making state-of-the-art technology more affordable.
  • Enables to enjoy comprehensive range of SERVICES
    The rental program includes many services desired by today’s customers e.g., replacement for a new device, premium class devices choice, full device configuration, data protection and many additional services.
  • Meets CSR and ECO POLICY needs
    Contributes to a circular economy and sustainable growth through effective mobile devices’ refurbishment and management of their lifecycle.
  • Brings INNOVATION closer to customers
    Phone rental is an ideal option for new generation of customers in a wide range of scenarios: it attracts both smart shoppers and those following EKO-trends.

DC – rental leader in the Baltic region

  • Hi-end devices from top brands: Apple and Samsung
  • Full offer available online and in-store
  • Instant customer scoring
  • Simple and understandable for the customer
  • No hidden costs and commissions
  • Sales available through DC sales system

BITE – a leading Baltic telco operator, recognized as the best telecommunications company in Lithuania.
Customers can rent high-end Apple and Samsung devices, paying an attractive monthly fee for using state of the art technology. Flexible contracts enable customers to choose whether to exchange/upgrade the device after just 12 months or – after the rental period – give the phone back, buy it out or prolong the rental period. The offer is available at the operator’s stores.

iMad – Apple Authorized Reseller and Apple Authorized Service Provider, operating in Poland since 2011.
Customers can rent high-end Apple devices, paying an affordable monthly fee, with an option to upgrade/exchange for the latest model just after 12 months. The rental program is dedicated to both individual and business customers. The offer is available at iMad stores and online.